Case Study: Marketing/Sales Operations

ActiveCampaign to Evosus POS System

HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 is a family owned hot tub retailer with five locations across multiple states, including North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. As online competition has increased they too have evolved in order to compete by integrating their in-store POS software with their online SaaS CRM platform to utilize customer data, purchase history and interests to create personalized targeted messaging to effectively promote and increase sales.


As more and more brick and mortar retailers move to SaaS-based solutions they are faced with common challenges of how to integrate their in-store POS software with their online SaaS CRM and automated marketing platforms to operate as one “smart” system.

HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 needed to integrate their Evosus POS System, used to track sales and quotes, with ActiveCampaign, their CRM/Automated Marketing platform, used to send out targeted email reminders, marketing offers, and promotions to nurture interest and increase sales.


Bridge developed a two-way API integration between their Evosus POS and ActiveCampaign to sync contacts, purchases, and quotes as well as track forms submitted online.

This solution has given HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 the ability to not only sync contacts, but use tags for products to track products of interest, purchase history and schedule auto reminders for when purchased products need servicing or maintenance. All of this critical data is then used for marketing to build personalized promotional offers that turned prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat customers.


By integrating both platforms into one system, Bridge helped HotSpring Spas & Pool Tables 2 utilize the data from their POS system to create highly targeted, timely, relevant messaging that increased their sales and delivered a better experience built around their customer’s personal interests and purchase behavior.

  • Increase Sales - By integrating their POS data with their CRM, they saw 22% increase in new sales and return sales from existing clients.
  • Personalize Experience - By sending more relevant offers and timely follow ups for maintenance they created a personalized experience built around each client’s needs..
  • One System -  By integrating the two platforms into one system, contacts, purchases and quotes could easily be shared to track & analyze sale performance.

INTEGRATE YOUR SaaS PLATFORMS INTO ONE SYSTEM to streamline your business processes, reduce costs and increase sales.

Bridge specializes in building custom API integrations to synchronize your SaaS into one system.

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