SaaS Custom API Integration Services


Because sometimes a simple iPaaS connector is not enough, Bridge fills that gap providing SaaS companies a Turnkey Custom Integration Solution so you can easily fulfill your clients integration needs.    Bridge partners with leading SaaS companies as their go to resource, fulfilling their clients requests for a custom API integration.   As their partner, we master their API capabilities so we can quickly and affordably integrate their platform with other SaaS solutions to meet each of their SMB client's specific business workflow needs.

We recognized early on that as SMBs move from legacy systems to more and more SaaS solutions that it is critical for SaaS company's growth to be able to offer their clients a solution to integrate their platform with other SaaS platforms.  And that's exactly where we come in! 

Bridge SaaS Chanel Partner Program provides a team of engineers dedicated to mastering each partners API so we can support each channel partners by providing custom API integration services, beyond simple iPaaS connectors, to meet their SMB growing need for deeper integrations.  Small businesses need your platform to integrate with multiple other SaaS solutions seamlessly sharing information and processing data across departments from Automated Marketing, CRM, POS, Inventory Management, Delivery, Accounting, HR and more. 

Our Zero Cost SaaS Channel Partner Program allows your sales team the ability to close mire deals by unblocking lost sales due to client requests to integrate their platform to meet the clients workflow needs.

How You Benefit:

  • Bridge supports your Sales Team helping closed blocked sales due to client's custom API integration requests
  • Bridge can help assist on sales calls or we can set up a free consultation to evaluate your clients needs
  • Bridge reduces and removes time spent by your internal development team on answering integration requests so they can focus on your core platform

Getting Started Is Easy!

Schedule an Intro Call and we will walk you through how our program works so you can decide if it is right for you.  Absolutely zero cost and no obligation!


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Learn more about our Custom API Service Partner Program and how your company can benefit, including Case Studies.

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Unblock lost sales caused by client requests to integrate your SaaS into their workflow.  With Bridges Partner Program your sales team has a trusted custom solution they can offer.

Benefits To Your Sales Team:

  • Easy Turnkey Solution
  • Simple Price List (with options)
  • Solves Clients Integration Needs



Bridge solves your clients' integration needs beyond a simple iPaaS hook.  We build your platform into your clients critical workflow making you a vital part of their tech solution.

Benefits To Your Clients:

  • More Integration Equals More Value
  • Fit Directly Into Their Critical Workflow
  • Become More Difficult To Replace



Leveraging integrations with your platform, beyond iPaaS, opens up a new sales channel to grow your company.  We help you connect your SaaS everywhere your clients need.

Benefits To Your Management:

  • Extend Your Offerings Beyond iPaaS
  • Market Integrations As A Differentiator
  • Solve Growing Demand For Integrations



Bridge Helps Your Sales Team Close More Deals:
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We Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals

As more and more SMBs purchase more and more SaaS solutions they need your help integrating your SaaS into their workflow beyond simple iPaaS connectors.  Our API experts help your sales team providing an easy, go-to resource to fill that gap and close the deal.  


We Service Your Clients' Custom API Integration Needs

Bridge handles everything for you.  We start with a free consultation with your client, provide a detailed estimate and timeline, and build the right integration to match their specific needs. 


We Help Make Customers Love Your Product Even More

By solving your clients need for a deep integration with their other software, they will use your product more, get a better experience, and make your product "sticky" as a fully integrated part of their workflow.



Getting Started Is Easy!

Schedule an Intro Call and we will walk you through how our program works so you can decide if it is right for you. 

Absolutely zero cost and no obligation!

Schedule Free Consultation