Integration As A Service Hosted Solution


We partner with leading SaaS companies as their trusted resource, solving your clients needs for “ready-to-go” integration solutions that go beyond basic iPaaS data syncs to meet their unique business workflow needs.

As SMBs switch to more and more SaaS solutions, the need for SaaS companies to offer deeper integrations that go beyond iPaaS is critical.  Small businesses need your platform to integrate with multiple other SaaS solutions in a way that seamlessly shares information and processing data across departments from Automated Marketing, CRM, POS, Inventory Management, Delivery, Accounting, HR and more. 

Bridge supports our SaaS partners with a team of engineers that master your API, develop modules based on your clients requests and provides the custom integration service they need to fit your SaaS to work perfectly into their multi-SaaS driven system.  

How You Benefit:

  • Bridge develops “Ready-to-Go” Integrations to Solve Your Clients’ Top Integration Requests
  • Bridge “Ready-to-Go” Integration as A Service (IaaS) Solutions Help Your Sales Team Close More Deals
  • Bridge (IaaS) Solutions Go Beyond iPaaS Basic Connectors Using Your APIs To Custom Fit Your SaaS Into Your Client Workflow Needs
  • Bridge Provides Fast, Affordable Turnkey Service With Experts Dedicated To Integrations With Your Platform

Getting Started Is Easy!

Simply, Schedule an Intro Call and we will walk you through how our program works so you can decide if it is right for you.  Absolutely zero cost and no obligation!


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Our integration as a service solution gives your Sales Team an easy solution to close more deals by offering a "Ready-To-Go" integration option That fits clients' workflow needs.

Benefits To Your Sales Team:

  • Easy Turnkey Solution
  • Simple Pricing Options
  • Solves Clients Integration Needs



Bridge solves your clients' integration needs beyond a simple iPaaS hook.  We build your platform into your clients critical workflow becoming a vital part of their tech solution.

Benefits To Your Clients:

  • More Integration Equals More Value
  • Fit Directly Into Their Critical Workflow
  • Become More Difficult To Replace



Leveraging integrations with your platform, beyond iPaaS, opens up a new sales channel to grow your company.  Our partner program provides a simple solution to your client needs.

Benefits To Your Management:

  • Extend Your Offerings Beyond iPaaS
  • Market Integrations As A Differentiator
  • Solve Growing Demand For Integrations



Bridge Provides SaaS Companies A Turn-key Solution:

We Create "Ready-To-Go" Integrations For Your SaaS

It's Simple! You tell us your clients' Top 10 Integration requests and we build them in modular components so they are ready to be customized to fit your clients' specific workflow needs.   This lowers cost, while speeding up integration process so clients get their solution faster and hassle-free.  (This is well beyond a simple iPaaS, to fit your clients growing needs.)


Custom Implementation Service

Clients can integrate the modules themselves or our API integration team will customize the “Ready-to-Go” integrations into the right configuration to fit each clients’ specific workflow, including multiple SaaS platforms, if needed. By our team mastering your API we can provide the expertise you and your client need to get the job done fast and affordable.

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Maintenance + Support

Plus, we offer an (optional) maintenance and support to monitor each integration and make sure all updates are made to keep everything up and running. Your Engineering team no longer has to worry about 3rd party integration issues.  You simple have them call us and it's done!

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AWS Hosting

All of the integrations are hosted on Amazon AWS allowing for a scalable, flexible, trusted resource the client can access directly or have us manage for them.



Getting Started Is Easy!

Simply, Schedule an Intro Call and we will walk you through how our program works so you can decide if it is right for you. 

Absolutely zero cost and no obligation!

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