Case Study: Sales Performance

Copper CRM (Prosperworks) to MailChimp

Bridge was selected by one of world’s largest patent analytics companies. Within a few years they had grown into a 100-person team of in-house subject-matter experts that analyze several million patents a year using their machine-learning platform. They offer two industry-leading software platforms, and a suite of services in the intellectual property space for dozens of world’s leading corporations.


As with most companies, sales and managing existing client relationships is critical to their success. With their sales team seeing rapid growth, management was faced with a challenge on how to more effectively manage the team, reduce costs and save time by automating daily administrative tasks, and capture the right data to guide sales growth and productivity.

The patent company choose Copper (formerly Prosperworks) as their cloud-based CRM solution to manage their sales team activity along with Skype and WebEx for sales team and project management video conference calls. On a daily basis each sales representative would enter their activity in Copper CRM and individually management would review their daily activity. This was a costly and time-consuming effort.


Bridge developed a time-saving automated solution that we are phasing into their current business management process.

In phase I – Using Copper CRMs API, Bridge complied activity data from each salesperson into one custom report and delivered it daily to management via MailChimp. The custom reporting and automation immediately reduced costs and saved management time.

In phase II – Bridge will use Copper CRM to collect and quantify the numbers of hours spent interacting with clients via Skype and WebEx, then cross-correlate time spent with sales to determine the optimal level of client interaction through each stage of the sales cycle.


Through using Copper CRMs API to pull data into custom reports and automate daily deliver via MailChimp we saved time, reduced costs, and offer great insights into sales data allowing management to make better decisions to support sales growth and productivity.

  • Save Time - By aggregating the collection of each sales reps activity, we reduce time wasted on data collection by 28%.
  • Increase Sales - By tracking activity in a single report, they are able to see trends and proactively respond to increase sales performance.
  • Simplify Process -  By automating the process, Dolcera managerment receives the reports faster and in an easy to understand format to make better more informed decisions.

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