Case Study: Process Automation

Checkfront to EZOfficeInventory

Bridge was hired by a unique company with a unique challenge. A portable oxygen device company that caters to vacationers in Colorado who want to prevent altitude sickness.  The oxygen device company needed to automate the workflow and synchronization of customer reservations, delivery trucks, and inventory management of hundreds of devices and customers.  With various types of devices being spread out geographically, on location, and for different lengths of time, this was a labor intensive and error prone process to manage manually.  Moreover, each device needed a maintenance schedule to keep it clean and effective for the customer using it. 


The oxygen device company chose Checkfront, an event management platform, to manage clients and their reservations. For inventory management and maintenance management, they chose EZOfficeInventory.

While both systems had robust APIs, there were some obstacles to overcome in order to match the workflow of the business.  When a booking status was updated in Checkfront, the status needed to be pushed to EZOfficeInventory.  Similarly, locations and conditions of the oxygen device assets needed to to be pushed from EZOfficeInventory to Checkfront.  However, neither system had the ability to automatically trigger or schedule the transfer of this information between the two systems. This is a common problem when integrating two Software as a Service platforms.


Bridge built a small middleware program to connect the two systems continuously updating the data needed from each system throughout the day. Through a seamless process, their clients could now make reservations and payments on their website. Employees would receive an updated schedule to arrive with the right device, in the right condition, at the right time – all automatically.


We immediately reduced costs up to 19% by automating their process and workflow, eliminated errors caused by entering duplicate information multiple times, and increased overall client satisfaction.

  • Reduce Cost - By automating the process, we reduced the admin and logistics challenges that were costing thousands of dollars every week.
  • More Efficient - Clients can now make their reservations and pay for the service online which auto-updates the delivery schedule.
  • Eliminate Errors -  By synchronizing usage schedules with future rental demand, devices could now be maintained and available. 

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