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Bridge understands that "one-size fits all" iPaaS integrations are not right for all businesses.  That's why we offer both Custom API Integration Services and Ready-To-Go Hosted Solutions that we can configure to meet your specific workflow needs.  After all, the purpose of integrating your SaaS platforms into one system is to give your business a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and getting the right information in the hands of the right people to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

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Case Study | Sales Performance

Copper CRM (Prosperworks) to MailChimp

As with most companies, sales and managing existing client relationships is critical to their success. With their sales team seeing rapid growth, management was faced with a challenge on how to more effectively manage the team, reduce costs and save time by automating daily administrative tasks, and capture the right data to guide sales growth and productivity.


Case Study | Logistics

3PL Central to Salesforce

A 3rd party logistics company landed a new client who mandated an integration with Salesforce as a part of their contract. New orders needed to flow from Salesforce to 3PL Central for picking, packing and shipping.  Through a custom integration, Bridge transformed and mapped the data so that it was compatible with both systems.  Bridge set up a scheduled task that would automatically update Salesforce with the order status and tracking numbers in 3PL Central in near real time data updates resulting in a seamless integration that increased efficiency and on-time delivery. 


Case Study | Marketing/Sales Operations

ActiveCampaign to Evosus POS System

Bridge developed a 2-way integration between ActiveCampaign and Evosus POS that would sync contacts, purchases and quotes as well as track webform leads submitted into their CRM.

This solution gives them the ability to sync contacts using tags for products of interest/purchase, lets them know when purchased products needs servicing or maintenance, and supports more in-store visits through targeted promotions resulting in increased sales.


Case Study | Process Automation

Checkfront to EZ Office Inventory

A portable oxygen device company that caters to vacationers in Colorado who want to prevent altitude sickness.  The oxygen device company needed to automate the workflow and synchronization of customer reservations, delivery trucks, and inventory management of hundreds of devices and customers.  With various types of devices being spread out geographically, on location, and for different lengths of time, this was a labor intensive and error prone process to manage manually.  Moreover, each device needed a maintenance schedule to keep it clean and effective for the customer using it.


Case Study | Transportation

FreightVerify to Dr. Dispatch

Bridge developed a custom API integration between FreightVerify and Dr. Dispatch SaaS applications to synchronize data and manage shipments.  We took a time consuming manual process and automated the applications into one system.  Now when data is enter into FreightVerify and submitted for approval, data is automatically synced into Dr. Dispatch to assess availability and schedule delivery.  When there is a failed shipment, emails notifications are automatically sent to an administrator.  The synchronizations both saved time, reduce errors, and avoided costly mistakes by alerting administrators of failed shipments and immediately respond to fix.

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