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Solid Commerce is a SaaS platform with easy to use database and email marketing tools, allClients is a web-based CRM software & online contact manager for small businesses having 1 to 10 users. You can use it to get organized, generate leads and stay connected with your clients, without any IT support.  The application is designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind, and you can perform most activities with just two clicks.

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Solid Commerce has partnered with Bridge, as their API integration service provider, to solve their small business client's need to provide custom API integrations connecting their Solid Commerce with other SaaS platforms to create One Complete System. 



Bridge specializes only on API integrations providing you with the right expertise to get the job done right, fast and affordably.  Plus, by having a strategic partnership with SolidCommerce, we have a deep understanding of their APIs and can offer greater insights to provide you with the right solution to best fit your needs. 

  • Solid Commerce integrate with E-commerce (WooCommerce, IQ Reseller, Shopify)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with Inteventory Management (Rakuten, Amazon, Bluefly)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with Shipping (UPS, FEdEx, FBA, ShipStation, ShipWorks)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with Support (Desk, FreshDesk, Mojo Helpdesk)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with Marketing (marketing360, NinjaTemplates)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with Accounting (Quickbooks, Sage)
  • Solid Commerce integrate with ERPs (NetSuite, SAP, Full Circle)
When a one-size fits all PaaS integration is not enough, Bridge provides the expertise with Solid Commerce APIs to build the right integration to fit your specific business needs; and get it done right the first time.  Know your options before you make a decision.  Request A Free Consultation!


Looking for examples or ideas on how to improve your efficiency?  View case studies of different integrations Bridge has completed with Solid Commerce.


rjl technologies

RJL Technologies sells large computer parts to companies all over the world using BigCommerce, NewEgg, Amazon and Ebay.

Solid Commerce is ready out of the box with integrations to many of the worlds most popular eCommerce channels.

Integration 1: Bridge integrated Solid Commerce with 2 of his distribution companies to automatically create PO’s for items that are purchased on any one of his many eCommerce channels and send back tracking and status info to Solid Commerce, which is then sent back to clients as updates. We also pull in current pricing and inventory levels to Solid Commerce so they are reflected on all channels.

Integration 2: The Bridge team also built the integration between NewEgg B2B and Solid Commerce to allow for product sync, inventory sync and order sync allow our client to add another selling channel to his revenue stream

Integration 3: Finally, we integrated Solid Commerce with BigCommerce’s ShipperHQ & SKUvault to sync inventory and allow for freight shipping on the BigCommerce channel.

View SolidCommerce SaaS Integration Case Study (in development)

INTEGRATE YOUR SaaS PLATFORMS INTO ONE SYSTEM to streamline your business processes, reduce costs and increase sales.

Bridge specializes in building custom API integrations to synchronize your SaaS into one system.

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